About Delicious Books

Delicious Books was created to foster a deeper connection to fiction through the mouthwatering descriptions of food that many have!

As well as reading and reviewing fiction (and occasional non-fiction), I’ll be trying out some recipes based on the foodie descriptions I find.

You’ll also find some journaling musings on books in general, whether they were foodie or not (but, obviously, the best books in the world have at least ONE food description in…).

I’ve been inhaling books since I could choose them for myself (aside from a dry couple of reading years when I became a new mom…there were plenty of kid’s books, of course!).

And I’m a classically trained chef with 3 Michelin stars…ok, obviously NO, I’m not.

I’m a complete amateur who taught myself to cook when I left home in 2006 (and am, arguably, still teaching myself).

But I do love food and discovering (and pulling off!) new and exciting recipes.

About Me

I’m Carly, by the way! *Tom Hanks wave*

I live in the West Midlands, UK with my delicious husband and two wonderful daughters, who we home educate.

We’re also a loving home to Elsa and Stormcloud the budgies (Elsa is grumpy and will bite you), and Sandy and Snowy the lionlop bunnies (Sandy’s sole mission in life is to scale the 7ft garden fence. Elsa and Sandy are both girls. There is a theme here).

I’m a digital marketer by day and a language learner and gym-goer by…also day because I can’t go anywhere at night, see: parent.

If there’s one special thing I want to get out of creating this blog it’s making some wonderful bookish friends (foodie bookish friends being a bonus!).

If you’re here, please say hi, either in a comment on a post or on my socials and tell me the last book you read that made you stare at the wall not knowing how to continue with your life.

Review Requests

Reviews Published

Professional Reader

I regularly review ARC copies and am currently open to new requests.

I enjoy most types of fiction but my favourites are obviously anything food-related along with historical fiction, crime and thriller, dystopia, YA, political and I have a special love for translated works.

But no comics, please.

During my review reading, I take extensive notes to provide a thorough and honest review by the end.

As well as on this blog, I also share my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon (if available), Twitter and Waterstones.

I won’t publish reviews of books I rate as 1 star but I will provide feedback to the publisher.

If you have an ARC you’d like me to review, please contact me.

Currently Reading

Current Read (Physical): Still Life by Sarah Winman

Currently Read (Kindle): Gavin and the Bodysnatchers (ARC) by Michael A. Duffy

Current Listen: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton