Mystery Thriller

Review: First Born by Will Dean

I am sort of a twin. And by ‘sort of’ I mean not a twin at all. But I have an older brother who is ten months older than me, and I was born with hours to spare before I would have been in the school year below him. So, being in the same school […]

Dystopia Fantasy Feminism

Review: The Seawomen by Chloe Timms

I’m a woman and a mother of two young girls. Trying to strike a constant balance between teaching them kindness and that ‘no’ is a complete sentence, between finding joy in their autonomy and teaching them to be wary, all through the lens of a 33-year-old female experience is, frankly, debilitating. I dread the day […]

Folk & Fairytale Retelling YA

Review: The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh

I spend a fair amount of time on #BookTwitter. It’s really heartening to see how many teens and young adults are as excited about books as older adults. However, I noticed a tweet the other day which gave me pause. It highlighted the seemingly large number of teens, and even pre-teens, who are lured into […]

Historical Fiction

Review: The Spirit Engineer by A.J. West

My husband and I had planned to go for a cinema date on New Year’s Eve (plus I had a bit left on an Odeon gift card to use up). We’d originally planned to see The Matrix Resurrections but I’d read such scathing reviews for it I vetoed and we went for Spider-Man: No Way […]


14 Favourite Books Read in 2021

Everyone agonizes about what to write for the very first post of their shiny new blog, right? Since we’re in a brand new year, I decided to start with my favourite books read in 2021. I had an amazing reading year, able to get back to the sort of volume of reading I had missed […]